Saturday, November 13, 2010

All I want for Christmas....

is to get snipped!    Yes, the time has come to "alter" Dougal.  He's hiking his leg up, and displayed some pretty inappropriate urges at the dog park today. My little boy is growing up!  I'll probably have it done around the first of the year, before school starts and I can take a day or two off work to keep an eye on him.  With my previous terriers, they always say to keep them quiet for a week or so, and quite frankly that is just not possible without constant crating.

 Scout needs to get fixed as well, so I think if I can coordinate it with the roomie to have them both done at the same time, that would help in their recovery.  If they both feel miserable, maybe they won't play as hard. That's my thought process anyways.

I'm waiting a little longer to have Dougal fixed than I have my past dogs, but he is so sweet that I wanted him to have a little more "man bonding" time with Scout to pick up some habits. Now that he can kickstand with the best of them, I need to start looking for a vet I feel comfortable with for the surgery.

Cheer up little brown dog, you get to keep your man bits for Christmas!  That New Year's gift will be a doozy though. : )

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