Monday, November 22, 2010

Safety tip on using a dremel to trim nails..

I was talking to a dog groomer at the dog park the other day, and I mentioned that I was scared to use a dremel on my dog's nails. My guys have furry paws and legs, and I'm always worried that the dremel will grab some hair.

She had an awesome solution - old pantyhose! Slide it on the paw, so the nails stick out but the all the fur is contained. Absolutely brilliant - I will have to try this once I get a dremel.

Of course, you still want to go very slowly and take just a little at a time off. Can't wait to try this out though. If I am not nervous, then the dogs won't be nervous either.

<3, Michelle & Dougal

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  1. What a great tip! Too bad I am scared to do Jez's nails.